BIG ASS WINGS:  Massive, Pittsburgh-size full wings (not those skimpy little suckers from Buffalo). 
$10 - 1/2 doz

  • Seasoned Garlic Salt
  • Mild
  • Cajun
  • Butter & Garlic
  • Sweet & Hot
  • Hot
    WING DINGS - 1/2 doz. $6.00

Tom from Buffalo gives a big "thumbs up" to Speal's Tavern's BIG ASS WINGS.    

Small - $7  ($1.00 toppings)
Medium - $10 ($1.25 toppings)
Large- $13 ($1.75 toppings)

Hamburger -  $6.50
Cheeseburger - $6.75
Cajunburger - $6.75
Bacon Cheeseburger - $7.00

FREAKIN' AWESOME CHEESESTICKS  - $6.00     (We make our own cheese sticks!  We slice them from a loaf of cheese, cover them with our own breading and deep fry them.)
Hot Pepper

SIDES  -  $4.00
Homemade Potato Chips - Fresh cut potatoes sliced, deep fried and delivered fresh to your table

Sides - $6.00
Breaded Mushrooms
Onion Rings

Salads -
Steak Salad - $9.95 Grilled steak, fried onions, peppers, mushrooms over a bed of garden salad.
Chicken Salad - $9.95 Chicken planks (can be coated with any of our special wing flavors) over a bed of garden salad
Garden Salad - $5.95


Blues Catfish Sandwich - $8.95 Farm Raised Catfish deep fried in our own special beer batter.

Codfish Sandwich - $7.95  Delicious Breaded Cod Sandwich

Shrimp - $6.95 A basket of deep fried shrimp with your choice of cocktail, tartar, hot sauce, or ketchup.

Steak Sandwich - $8.95 Enjoy a special steak sandwich with fried onions, peppers (sweet or hot), mushrooms and cheese on homemade bread.

Cheese Platter - $6.95 Your choice of two cheeses, crackers, and pepperoni with a side of dip.

Chicken Planks - $6.00 With your choice of any of our special wing flavors


Speal's Tavern
Off of the intersection of Rt.119 and Rt. 22 in New Alexandria, PA
We're open 3:00 pm until 2 am Wednesday - Saturday.

Phone 724-433-1322